U.S. Polo Riding Arena - Equestrian

Build your dream - build your legacy

Legacy Building Solutions has you covered.  Our Tension fabric buildings are well-lit with natural light, superior sound for spectators, straight walls that minimize wasted space, and feel warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Use your customized space for riding, practice, and future games.

Legacy Building Solutions combines the proven engineering and design flexibility of structural steel buildings with a superior environment, finishing details, expedited construction and energy efficiency, to provide the highest-quality tension fabric structure available.

United States Polo Association

Every aspect of a Legacy arena is designed around your individual needs – including clearspan space for riding, height for jumping, and custom ExxoTec™ fabric and EpoxxiShield™ steel colors to blend in with the surrounding countryside and your brand.

BUilding Options




* These structures fall under the type of capital improvements supported by USPA PDI Grants