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Building for High-Corrosive Environments 

How Legacy Structures Outperform 

Corrosion is the deterioration of metal caused by the reaction of metal with the environment. The word “corrode” literally means “to gnaw to pieces.” Corrosion occurs in all industries and is caused by humidity, sea air, chemicals, fertilizers, road salt and more. Corrosion significantly increases maintenance costs and shortens the lifespan of industrial buildings. Read the white paper to learn more.

WP - Building for High-Corrosive EnvironmentsCorrosion, the deterioration of metal caused by exposure to the environment, quickly causes buildings to become ugly and unsafe – and it significantly reduces the lifespan of the structure. Corrosion occurs in all industries, although storing corrosive materials such as road salt, fertilizer and chemicals will increase the chances of building corrosion.

Fortunately, well-designed fabric structures will fight corrosion – lowering total life cycle costs and increasing the building’s lifespan. Learn more about good design for corrosion prevention in this white paper.