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Key Factors in Fabric Structure Construction 

A White Paper for Making Informed Fabric Structure Purchasing Decisions. 

In the past, it would have been unusual to talk about fabric-covered structures and conventional buildings in the same sentence. The stark differences in materials, construction methods, and common uses of the buildings themselves made for a truly “apples and oranges” comparison. Now, fabric structure technology has evolved to compete with, and in many cases surpass traditional construction. Learn more in this white paper.

WP - Key Factors in Fabric Structure ConstructionThis white paper compares the framing options for fabric structures, types of structural fabric, fabric attachment methods, engineering considerations, building accessories and foundation options. You’ll also learn how to compare fabric structure manufacturers using quality certifications such as ISO 9001:2015 and CSA-A660-10 as well as experience and construction management methods.

This white paper is designed to help architects, structural engineers, contractors and building owners understand the options available with fabric structures.